subject: Tyson Wong
location: USA
tiktok & instagram

What’s one fit that looks amazing and awful at the same time?

(seen above) Whatever this is I cant tell even now if I like it or not but ill let yall decide haha. 

What’s the outfit you wear to meet your teenage pop idol?

I was one of them there EMO kids, lol, so I listened to a lot of Death Cab for Cutie, My Chemical Romance, and the Deftones. Honesty, out of those three bands, I’d probably want to meet the lead from MCR, and in that case, I’d like to be wearing as much black as possible with as much bleach in my hair.

What’s the revenge outfit to meet your ex?

I don’t really know what a “revenge outfit” is or what it looks like unless it’s like the guy from phantom of the opera…I think that story is about revenge, but if my ex were to see me in public, I’m either on my way to or from the grocery store, so I’m probably in an outfit like this.

Can you show us a look that shows off your tats?

I wear a lot of tank tops mainly because I can’t find a t-shirt brand I like, so most of my looks are very tattoo centered. 

What are appropriate shorts for work?

Any shorts are appropriate for work, so who cares but one time, I was paid to work out in shorts, so that was pretty neat. 

photo by jay hendrickson

Who are you when you feel the most confident?

Honestly, I’m happy when I’m at my most confident I know it may not look it, but that photo was taken at one of the more confident moments I was in NY for FW (don’t worry, I didn’t walk for any shows I was told I was too fat) with someone I love very much and all I was happy. I tend to feel pretty sad a lot of the time, but it’s a loving reminder that when I’m my most confident, I’m just a happy ball of sunshine hope I get to experience that more in my life and in my career. 

What’s your favorite tat?

I don’t have a favorite tattoo; they all move and work together and were pieced together over time at such integral parts of my life. I get a lot of hate because they aren’t “traditional” but people don’t see that is the point; being from a mixed background, the piece was meant to encapsulate the different aspects of my identity to come together and create something totally unique. There will never be another piece like it because it ultimately reflects me, my family, and my journey. 

photo by Chantel Allen 

What do you wear when you don’t want to not be seen?

Most of the time, I don’t want to be seen anyways. I like big baggy clothes, and the more I feel like I’m swimming in fabric, the safer I feel, lol 

What did you have on in a recent dream?

I have no clue what I had on in my most recent dream. Some people believe you wear what you fall asleep in, and if you’ve been following me from the beginning, you’ll know my first viral video ever was me talking about how I sleep naked. 

photo by Sela Shiloni

Your crush just texted to say they will be over in 5 minutes. What do you put on?

I’ve been such a Margiela boy recently, so I’d have to say this Maison Margiela little uniform, the cardigan and pants fit me so well and are actually really cozy. It’s just enough of my style to feel unique but not so try hard where I feel like I’m bringing too much attention. The kind of thing you can wear daily, and people with certain taste might give you a nod, but all the kids on Melrose would call it “mid,” and I think that’s the perfect place to keep your style, haha