subject: Lucian M. Koncz
location: London
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What did you have on in a recent dream?

(seen above) I feel like I wear vests soo much that I was probably wearing a vest.

What’s the outfit you wear to meet your teenage pop idol?

I just recently met one of my favorite artists, Tems. (I know she’s not pop) and it was also the hottest day in London, EVER, but I think my outfit was still really cute. I was wearing a female shirt I bought on a night out because I didn’t like my outfit after I left the house.

What’s the revenge outfit to meet your ex?

When I think of a revenge outfit, I think of Princess Diana’s black dress and necklace, and I guess that’s what a revenge outfit is. My revenge outfit is something tight, something that shows off my body. I want them to know I look after myself!

Can you show us a look that embodies your fantasy self?

No words are needed.

What do you wear to a conservative dinner?

First of all, I would not attend a conservative dinner, but for some miraculous reason, I’m attending a conservative dinner; I’d just wear an outfit to give them something to talk about.

Who are you when you feel the most confident?

I always feel confident when my hair is freshly washed. I don’t even need clothes, just a good self-care day!

What do you wear when you don’t want to not be seen?

I feel like I always want to be seen. I just don’t necessarily want you to make who I am, so sometimes to cover up my whole face.

Your crush just texted to say they will be over in 5 minutes. What do you put on?

Probably something by Savage X Fenty. My crush is coming over, and Savage x Fenty brings out that side of me… if you know what I mean.

What did you put on the day after someone broke your heart?

Two button-up shirt DIY into one, and I hit the club with my best friend. Can’t let nobody stop you from living your life.

You have one fit you must wear every day for the rest of your life. What is it?

A white tee, oversized flared sweatpants, and heeled boots.