CF: How do you start your day ?

JY: By waking up.

CF: What’s your current obsession?

JY: I have this ladylike obsession of leather bags. I’m obsessed with leather bags that are gentle to the touch and really expensive.

CF: Do you have any celebrity crush?

JY: Brad Davis strutting around in a skimpy tanktop in Querelle, but he’s dead!

CF: What was your first job?

JY: Getting 5 kronors for throwing away a drunk neighbors old magazines. Best part was that I found at least 10 pornmags in those piles for me to enjoy in private. I was 10.

CF: What seat do you like on the plane? ( aisle or window)

JY: 1A!

CF: How many people live with you?

JY: One, or a few. I tend to crash at friends places.

CF: Who is the most famous person you met?

JY: I don’t remember, Not sure I’ve met any.

CF: What’s your favorite Madonna song?

JY: “Get Together” is definitely one of the best dance tunes.

CF: Your longest relationship with someone ( how many months, years?)

JY: 2 years with the best man I know and still love.

CF: What are you working on now?

JY: Kind of lost track a little bit this summer, but looking forward to move to my new studio and paint!

CF: what time of the day ( or night) you feel more creative

JY: Night.

CF: how long you have been painting/drawing ?

JY: Kinda cheesy, but as long as I can remember. Been drawing and painting ever since I could grab a pen.

CF: The worst pick up line someone told you?

JY: “What u need is a rock hard cock”, It almost worked though…

CF: The best compliment someone gave you?

JY: “U remind me of me” someone said, the man saying this actually turned out to be very much a great guy and eventually became a very good friend.

CF: What are you doing once the interview is over?

JY: Making fruit punch, it’s my birthday!


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