Interview with musician Alice et Moi

all images by Nicolas Wagner, shot in Paris, France. Styling by Marie Revelut. Hair and Make-Up by Odile Jimenez / body suit by YASMINE ESLAMI , vinyl overalls by SADAK

What is your routine the day of a show? 

I try to sleep well. I eat a good breakfast, choose what I am going to wear then I go to soundcheck. Later I chill with my musicians, have a light dinner (but mostly drink tea) Just before going to stage I like to be alone, listen to music, sometimes stretch a little bit, hug my musiciens who come to the stage before me…and sometimes I just look at myself in the mirror with a confident look, to give myself some courage. Then I just go on stage and live my dream 🙂 So a great routine, really!


You are very involved in the visual aspect of your work as well, for example, you directed the videos for each single. Is it something you want to explore more ?

Yes! I love to collaborate with talented people but image has always been a big part of my life. When I was a teenager I used to make music for my videos! Now I  already deal with a lot of things for the image, like the symbol of the eye that I created, the way I dress, the things I want to show with my music, the video clip, but I would like to do it more in the future.


Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I play a little bit the guitar and the piano but I am not a good instrumentalist. I am a melody maker, a singer, an author (lyrics for me are very important), and (like my mother in a very different area) I try to be a business woman. Even in music there is business when you run a project! I am not very good at the instruments because it  always scared me a little and I lack confidence sometimes, but I play synth on stage. My musicians are very good and teach me a lot of things. I also co-compose the music with Ivan Sjoberg, who is a very talented behind-the-scenes  guy, and we make each other better.

What is your favorite 90′ s movie?

It’s a very hard question. In the 90’s I was a child but I remember seeing on repeat The Nightmare Before Christmas  and I even had a doll of Jack. I love how he wanted to do good but didn’t know how because he had a different version of  “good”. I loved the poetry of the characters, melancholy of the music, and little chills I got from all the monsters.

Also, I would like to add that years later I saw The Truman Show, and I was so shocked and loved everything about that movie. The idea that your all life has been staged and filmed was so interesting to me.


Are you superstitious?

I believe that your faith is in your hands and that you have to fight for what you want.  So for me, seeing a black cat just before a concert won’t prevent me from doing a good job,  but I love all the stories of superstitious people. I love that it can bring a little bit of magic to the world, so even if I don’t really believe it I love it and I love superstitious people! Please come and tell me your stories 🙂


Do you remember your dreams in the morning?

Yes, most of the time. It’s always charged with very strong feelings, and I often have to concentrate to know what’s real and what’s not.  I think my brain is testing me every nights with more complex stories, challenges, and metaphores about life. I would love to be able to register all my dreams and watch them with friends and popcorn. Plus, I have a superpower, sometimes I realize that I am in a dream and change things around me. These are my favorite ones.


Who would you like to collaborate with musically?

I’m a big fan of Vanessa Paradis. When I was younger I used to sing all of her songs after dinner to my parents who pretended  it was not exhausting at all 😉 So of course I would love to meet her in person.


When can we see you next on stage?

At the festival Cabourg Mon Amour ( June 29th, 30th and July 1st)



Photography by Nicolas Wagner
Styling : Marie Revelut
Hair & Make-Up: Odile Jimenez
shirt and pants by ROUGE MARGAUX