Tokyo Pop

Q: Japanese Street Style has always be a source for inspiration around the world. 

What city/country do you think has been influenced the most by this? 

A: We always try to observe the city wherever we go. Especially UK is my favorite.

We are inspired by a lot with the British music and culture, which became our core inspiration. We relate so much with the punk and rebeller attitude of UK because that’s our personality.

Q: When thrifting or looking for new pieces to add to your wardrobe, what do you look for first? A: A: Vivid and pop colors, especially in pink- big silhouette outwear, sparkly shoes and accessories. Of course, we have to have two same items in order to create the “AMI AYA Twinsies” look. 

Q: Where do you see the direction of creativity in the fashion industry heading? 

A: Thanks for social media, it’s much easier for us to promote ourselves individually and speak up our voice. And because of internet, there will be no borders with other countries and we are going to be much and much diverse and unique.

Q: What’s a misconception you hate that others give opinions on about being an influencer/having influence on social media? 

A: We try to ignore hate comments on instagram but of course we receive heart breaking comments.

For example, one of our followers (or maybe he/she is just “visiting” our account) said “Are you bragging that you are wearing fancy and high-brand fashion?” 

In our mind thinking, how can you twist around what we are doing and think like that? LOL 

So I had to engage with that person and let them know our opinion about it.