Interview with Andrea Franchini, the director of culture & events for Grupo Habita U.S.


photography by Nicolas Wagner


How do your clothes define your job?
I mostly wear double breasted suits custom made by my tailor in Naples, Italy. If I don’t wear a jacket I usually go for a white or blue Oxford pocketed button down. The old school hospitality look definitely influences my style. Think of those beautiful classic hotel uniforms. I loved the costumes in Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel!

Do you think you would be perceived differently if you wore different clothes to work?
I’m not sure. I definitely feel my style adds something special to my personality. It is part of my own brand. I’m often told my presence is quite notable in a dining room full of people. Somehow this is important to me, not for vain reasons, but just because I want guests to easily identify me and call me if they need anything or to say hi.

On the other hand, some guests have a hard time recognizing me right away when I’m not wearing my typical Hotel Americano work uniform. If I’m wearing something casual like a black t-shirt and my inked arms are in view, forget about it; I have to literally say “Hey, yes, it’s me, Andrea!”

What is masculinity?
I had a conservative upbringing in Rome, where something like wearing a pink shirt was considered feminine. So I always thought “Fuck this, I should wear whatever I want.” So I’d say masculinity is the confidence you have in determining your own vision of masculinity.

Describe the first time you perceived it?
Judging from old photographs taken by my parents, I’d say since the early years!

Do you have any superstitions, if so what?
I’m Catholic so while I’m not superstitious, I have my own rituals. For instance, I always wear my favorite pair of shoes or bracelets to very important meetings. I’m also very health conscious so I have wellness rituals.

If someone were to pretend to be you for a day, what advice would you give?
Andrea you should go on vacation more often!

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