“My work is intuitive, I am led by my spirit/soul”

all photography by Jane Aiello


As your artists statement says you are “born into death” and you “ grew up conscious of the fragility of life”. What does life mean to you?

For me, life is a journey of mastering your soul. Learning to trust yourself, to be honest with yourself even if that honesty is uncomfortable. Looking the truth directly in its face, accepting it and loving it for all that it is. In the process of this work, I believe it is imperative to stay conscious on the direct effect it has on humanity and your connection and participation to it. Knowing that we are all connected and the energy  you give out will affect the world. Growing up in the Funeral Home industry (my family business) I have had a front row seat to how fast life comes and goes. It has led me to see life through a deeper lens. And to be extremely conscious of my decisions and intentions. It also forces me to get out of comfort zones and take risk/chances. For that I am grateful.



Can you discuss the importance of transcendence in your work?

My work is intuitive, I am led by my spirit/soul. It is absolutely vital that I am alone and allowed space to listen to what is being spoken to me or what I am feeling inside. I do not make any moves until I am 100% sure that I am going in the direction that resonates with me the most. It may take some time, but it always comes. I’ve learned to accept this in my practice, work and my life. I’ve also learned to be patient and accept that what will come is what is meant to be. The beauty is in the uncertainty…that’s where the magic truly happens, from soul to canvas.



What does color mean to you?

Color has its own language, it speaks to me and in that conversation I am feeling whatever is touching me within. Color makes way for my emotions to rise. Color gives life to life! Can you imagine a world in B&W? Color makes the world come alive!


How would you describe your work to someone that is colorblind?

Not all my work is color based, but the majority are.  For the pieces that are color based, I would start by saying it is very hard to describe something to someone that has never experienced it before but if I had too I  would use other senses (smell, touch, sound etc.) to help describe it. Also emotions, such as anger/happiness etc. I would highlight the pattern/shapes and their conversation with the senses/emotions in relation to color.



Upon a closer view, there is a very human element to the meticulous execution of your lines. Can you discuss this duality a bit?

Yes! That is the point, I don’t use rulers, tape, tools etc because I want the human quality to present itself. It’s completely freehand, completely me and completely man made.  It’s almost like a metaphor for life, we do our absolute best, put our best foot forward with the understanding that nothing is perfect. Humans are not perfect. There is such beauty and truth in imperfection.



What is black (as a color) to you?

The color black means peace, protection and safety. It’s the color I wear the most. People are shocked when I am not wearing black. It is by far my favorite. It’s also my personality, present but private.


Do you listen to music while you paint? If so, what is it?

It depends on what my mood calls for. When it does call for music it is always hands down, Salsa music from the 70’s/80’s and some 90’s. I am obsessed with everything Ruben Blades, he is my go too. Second to that is Cumbia, Carlos Vives of course and then Latin Pop music from my teenage years.



Describe a perfect day?

Waking up when my body wants too and not having to rush anywhere. Drinking coffee while reading the Arts section of the NY times and watching CBS Sunday Morning. Then meeting up with friends/family for brunch/lunch, going to galleries/museums and ending it with dinner!



Can you describe a recent dream?

It was about a past experience, a very specific subject that I will keep to myself, but it’s helped me reflect and see things I may have not seen or noticed before, a different perspective. Very healing.



As this residency comes to an end, what is next for you?

Moving studios! Very excited about getting into a new space, new energy! I love change! Also taking what I learned and experienced at Kates – Ferri Projects, processing it and seeing how that will influence my work. The rest is to be seen ;).