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In the series Masters of the Air, we follow the 100th bomb group of the United States Air Force against Nazi Germany. It looks like a very demanding physical training for the role, but what about portraying the emotional toll endured by a young soldier, was it a big part of the role for you? 

Of course! We had to delve into the intricate web of emotions that would go through the minds of these courageous young soldiers when faced with death. Trying to grasp this was a challenging task, but with extensive research and the utilization of advanced filming technology, the scenes couldn’t have felt more authentic on the actual day of shooting. Using ‘volume’ and gimbal technology placed us in a flight simulator, creating an immersive and realistic environment, which proved incredibly beneficial for the performance. While we could never fully understand what these courageous men endured, we caught a small glimpse that allowed us to delve into those dark places. It enabled us to recreate the terror and struggle of being at 30,000 feet with enemy fighter jets approaching.


Is being amongst such an impressive casting motivating or nerve-racking?

It was a mixture of motivation and nerves, but the entire cast was supportive and encouraging. The boot camp significantly fostered that ‘band of brothers’ camaraderie among us, and I forged remarkable friendships during filming. I learned a great deal from being immersed in such a talented group, and this period stands out as a time when I experienced real growth in my acting skills, shaping my choices and influencing how I’ll approach performances in the future.

How did you prepare for the role?

All the characters and historical events in the show are entirely accurate, so portraying my character, John Brady, meant embodying a real person. I watched interviews with him, where he shared insights about his time in the 100th, striving to understand every nuance through articles, stories, and online videos. Also, a considerable part of prep was the boot camp led by the esteemed Hollywood military advisor Dale Dye. This included physical training with marching and push-ups and a series of lectures and exercises that immersed us in the world of the 100th bomb group. We learned everything the real men would have known, increasing the show’s authenticity.

There’s also a fun bit from my research: I discovered that John Brady used to be a musician before joining the war effort. So, why not give it a go? I spent a good three weeks getting the hang of the saxophone, thinking it might come in handy for the show. I felt pretty decent about it until the first week on set, when they handed me ten sheets of sheet music and invited me to a band rehearsal the next day. No way I was pulling that off! So, sadly, the saxophone feature didn’t make the final cut.


You are playing the role of a captain in the series. Are you good with discipline in general?

I like to believe so. I genuinely enjoy getting into the groove and staying disciplined regarding my fitness.

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Who is your biggest inspiration in cinema? 

I have always been inspired by the film Bronson. I love how stylized the film is with its highly theatrical nature. I’m also interested in cinematography, which has some incredible visuals. It strikes a unique balance – gritty and disturbing but also compelling and beautiful at the same time. Not to mention the incredible performance from Tom Hardy. It was disturbing, unpredictable, and darkly comic. 


What is the quality you treasure the most with your friends?

I treasure the laughter most; my friends and I always have a lot of fun. We do lots of exciting things, go on adventures, and never fail to make each other laugh.


What is next for you?

I am working on a very exciting project for Netflix. It is the kind of role I love to play – full of action and drama. 

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