“I have no fears, only challenges”


In one word, describe your collection?



If your collection had a soundtrack, what song would have to be on it?

The Moon Represents My Heart, by Teresa Teng.


Who is your favorite actress, living or dead?

Anita Mui Yim-fong(1963-2003). She’s a legendary actress.


Who would you love to see in one of your pieces?

Anyone can wear MARRKNULL.  No matter their profession, gender or age.


Give us 6 things one must do when visiting Beijing.

  1. The Courtyard House Hotelbecause it’s a good place to start.
  2. Sanyuanli Vegetable Market is highly recommended because it’s a place that reflects the real life in Beijing.
  3. Of course, The Great Wall.
  4. The Summer Palace because it’s our source of inspiration for this collection
  5. Thefood districtforroast duckin Luzhustyle, bean soup, Zha Jiang Mian.
  6. Houhai for boating


Is there a book that informs your creativity? If so, what is it?

We are attracted to Chinese myths and stories.  Recently, The Marriage of Flowers in the Mirror, by Li Ruzhen, 1827


What do you want people to know about you?

We hope people take MARRKNULL as a spirit not just a designer brand, it’s reflect social reality.


Describe the first time you saw someone wear something beautiful.

As a child, I saw a Chinese female crime TV series named “Red Spider”.  Although it was scary, those actresses were very fashionable. I guess it was my first time getting that special feeling when seeing beauty.


As the focus of fashion takes a more inclusive and global perspective, what are hopes?

I hope fashion in the future will become a kind of attitude in life.


What are your fears about your work?

I have no fears, only challenges.


When looking at your work, there is so much beauty mixed with humor, is that intentional?

MARRKNULL is a brand that reflects popular culture and social reality. We believe this kind of humor not only exist in China, but also all over the world.


When creating the balance of athleticism and luxury, how do you know when it is a good match?

I think the idea of athleticism or luxury is just the opinion of the media. It’s difficult to say which is the better. I hope there are no more distinctions such as this in the future.



photography by Khary Simon

styling by KC Jones

make-up by Pascale Poma using MAC Cosmetics

model Lucky at Red Models