“There’s always something or someone to crush on”


If your brand had a soundtrack, what song would be on it?

PHLEMUNS has only had one runway show, so far, and it was set to “Who Was That” by Deee-Lite. So, hands-down that would be included. 



Describe your creative process.

It’s almost impossible to describe. The types of work I do are so all over the place and inconsistent. Especially being based around customization, it makes it almost impossible to have one process. One common thread in my processes is the actual puzzle of it all. It’s a combination of the body, style, fabric, fit and what the fabric tells you want it wants be on that particular body. The creative process is endless!



How does music, cinema, or art inform your work?

They all intertwine in most of my designs and the work is an amalgamation all those things. My subconscious decides to regurgitate and spit it all out. All of this has to be done at the right time. I’d like to say all things I do come from an experience or some capacity of exchange which I was informed by my experiences with music, cinema, art and how eclectic all the relationships I have with them are. It all becomes like a muddled second nature to me. 



What is the most sensual part of the male or female form?

I think there’s magic in the neck. 



If you were a color, what would you be?













If we had a time machine and somehow arranged you to dress Lisa Left Eye Lopes and/or Aaliyah, what would you put them in? 

You know what? I’m gonna be resourceful and take the extra-credit bonus route by draping them both in the same look through two different PHLEMUNS lenses. Lisa Left Eye Lopes in the silver vinyl cargo bra and cargo pants from my PHLEMUNS x Saint Heron collection & Aaliyah in the camel twill cargo bra and snap cargo pants. 










Do you have a current crush?

Theres always something or someone to crush on. 


What’s next for you?

I really believe substantial growth and development is at my heels, so I believe that’s next. 


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all clothing by PHLEMONS featuring Devin

photography by Khary Simon