Bachelors Get Lonely

by Christopher Schulz of Pinups Magazine

“I was inspired by the pairing of song-to-image, and was playing around with found images paired with book titles. Bachelors Get Lonely is a title from Kevin Killian (currently reading).”


Spotify playlist here 



1. Theme from Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex by Coil
Image: Still from Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex, an instructional documentary produced by Mike Esser and Tony Carne of Pride
Video in association with the Terrence Higgins Trust in 1992. Music by Coil.


2. Coming by David Motion & Jimmy Somerville
Image: General Idea #1 by General Idea, 1986


3. Heavy Metal by Cindy Lee
Image: Still from Fox and His Friends by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1975


4. Masked Ball by Jocelyn Pook
Image: Hypnose by Sacha Schneider, 1904


5. Love Come Set Me Free by Patrick Cowley
Image: Mask II by Nigel Kent, 1983