Donnie Duncan Jr 
Photographer + Artwork: Myisha Fujii
Cinematographer: Terk Lewis 
Director + Stylist: Raymond Casas
jewelry by Martin Ali

What is your earliest memory of dance?

Back when we watched movies on VHS, there was a big outro on the Lion King tape. I must have been around five years old and remember improvising for the entire outro, maybe 3 minutes. The music ended with one final hit of a drum. That was one of the first times I was like ‘Woah” at dance.

What does music, movement, and dance mean to you?

They are my home base and foundation and three of my life’s most significant driving factors. Movement on its own has always played a massive part in my experience. I had a very athletic upbringing, swimming and running competitively. Music has managed to reemerge in my life as an intimate space for creativity and therapeutic expression. At age 12, I said, ” Dance is my escape from reality,”.. Now, it’s the entire reality and has been for a solid ten years.

If your life thus far had a soundtrack, what song must be on it?


” Sun, Moon & Herbs” by Venna, JVCK JAMES.


Can you describe the last time dance or movement was in a dream?


I often have dreams about dance. Sometimes, I’m auditioning or assisting a choreographer, and sometimes improvising alone in a bizarre location. Most of the time, I can wake up and remember the steps.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about you?


That I grew up on a farm in Illinois, and I’m the youngest of 5 kids and the only boy. I tell everyone this.


What do you keep to yourself?


My inner dialogue.

Do you have a secret crush? Can you describe it without revealing the person?


He’s an artist. Dark Hair. Tattoo on his chest. Dark brown eyes. Pretty hands. A younger replica of his hot grandpa.