By Frank J. Miles

Tuesday, February 7, 2012, Alphabet City, NY.
Location: Bedlam, 40 Avenue C.
Fixx Invictus, artist, Brooklyn.

*Performing every Tuesday at Bedlam for the month of February

Will you tell me a bit about your show?

There are three parts. A small ritual where I draw a diagram in sand –
the fifth element + gold + wolf. An invocation of the golden wolf.
Drawing out the wolf in me. I’ll perform two songs, “Timothy Leary”
and “Pack of Cigarettes.” Just a short set with two girls. Julie Groth
and Lina Volanski.

What’s your pre-performance ritual?

None really. Eat a handful of Altoids, a bit of scotch, and a deep breath.

Why do you perform with a black line painted down your body?

The black stripe is my war paint. With my war paint and boots, I am
ready to dominate. I will kill. I will eat you alive. I will build my
house with your bones.

What’s the story about the knee-high boots you wear when you perform?

The boots were sent to me by an adoring fan. Believe it or not, there
are people out there who think very highly of my feet. I love boots.
The least I can do is perform in them so that these fans can imagine
that they’re the floor I stomp upon.

What are you obsessed with you haven’t done or tried yet?

I’ve been obsessed with hanging upside down. I had a pinched nerve,
and I didn’t want to go to a doctor or a chiropractor. I used an
inversion table on myself. Up to seven minutes a day every day since
Christmas in my apartment. A friend of mine even got me inversion
boots as a gift for Christmas. Flipping yourself upside down, apart
from being good for your back, forces nutrient-rich blood to your
head. And the longer you can hang the better. Like the Shirshasana, or
headstand, there are a multiple of benefits. They say after 10 minutes
one may even begin to activate psychic benefits. Heightened awareness.
I would like to build some contraptions. Something that can hang
multiple people upside down simultaneously. That’s why I got the table
in the first place. For others, not myself. I just ended up liking it
so much. And now my back is fixed.

Who has the best walk in New York?

Andrew Pistella – he’s a writer. He has a strut. That walk you see
from behind and the ass goes up and down. (He drums the beat with his
hands in the air.) Donk, donk, donk. Long strides. Hands are swinging.
He walks with a purpose. If you walk with a purpose – that’s all you

Best meal of 2012 so far?

You know you had a good meal when you wake up with a raging hard-on.
That being said, I generally eat quite well and it would be very hard
to determine what the best meal has been. I’ve never been fixated on
something I’ve ate. But something I’m eating? That’s a different
question. I guess that would mean I live more in the moment. I’m a
hell of a cook though. Ask [Nicolas] Wagner about the strawberry
salmon. And having breakfast served in bed, that’s a great meal. If
someone is bringing you breakfast in bed, they’re a keeper.

What article of clothing always gets the job done?

Shirt garters. Elastic bands that attach from your socks to your
shirt. They keep your shirt tucked in at all times. Nothing worse than
that puffy shirt look when you want to look slick and sharp.

What’s the best pick-up line you’ve heard at a concert? And did it work?

Hell if I know. I’m not one to pay much attention to pick-up lines.
I’d rather choose than be chosen. In other words: don’t call us, we’ll
call you.

Photo by Kirill Shevyakov 

Photo by Kirill Shevyakov