flash light / David Maljkovic / metro pictures

David Maljkovic
Out of Projection
Metro Pictures (upstairs gallery)
6/12/15- 7/31/15

David Maljkovic exhibits an installation comprising a video work, collages and a slide projection in Metro Pictures Upstairs Gallery. Maljkovic covers two of the gallery’s walls in black-and-white wallpaper made using installation photographs from his recent show at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. In each of the images blank projection screens stand in the bare concrete interior of the museum. On one screen Maljkovic projects a newly edited version of his HD video Out of Projection and on the other the 40-slide projection In Low Resolution. Maljkovic hangs two collages, also titled Out of Projection, over the wallpaper, emphasizing the spatial illusion created by the massive photographs.