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Keith Edmier
Petzel Gallery
5/9/15- 6/20/15

Petzel Gallery is pleased to announce Regeneratrix, a solo exhibition by New York based artist Keith Edmier. This will be the artist’s fifth solo exhibition and his first large-scale exhibition at the gallery in ten years. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with an essay written by independent curator and art historian Norman Rosenthal.

Keith Edmier’s newest sculptures are monumental. They are intended to allude to a multiplicity of histories including the artist’s recent past, rather than commemorate one particular time or event. Each artwork’s meaning is derived from both the material it is built of and the form that it takes. Thus, the structures exhibited in Regeneratrix refer to a myriad of positions: the languages of flowers, the cycles of life, Cesare Ripa’s personifications, geological strata, ancient and religious goddess myths, new and old empires, and histories of architecture and art.