flash light / Kelsey Henderson / envoy enterprises

Kelsey Henderson
Dull The Will
envoy enterprises
12/7/13 – 1/9/14

Dull The Will, a term that alludes to hypnotization, explores imagery of hallucinations, mundane youth and blink-of-an-eye moments through a new series of oil paintings that exceed life-size. The work is developed from both found imagery and personal snapshots depicting the luster of natural flaws and idiosyncrasies. With a nod to hyperrealism, Henderson’s paintings of entranced characters fetishize ambiguity of our disaffected generation.

Henderson will present a special opening day revelry supplementing the exhibition with a performance by New York’s low-fi raw punk band Raspberry Bulbs at Macie Gransion performance space at 8 pm (87 Rivington). A collaborative screen print by Kelsey Henderson and Marco Del Rio of Raspberry Bulbs and will be available in a limited edition.