Florist and collaborator Nicolas Cogrel examines the group show
“A Change of Heart” at Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles
and finds moments of inspiration.

Curated by Chris Sharp, “A Change of Heart” is on view 6/4/16 – 7/16/16

 crushfanzine Nicolas Cogrel Hannah Hoffman Mapplethorpe


I love how intense and sensual Mapplethorpe’s work is, and this is my favorite from his Orchids series. Even though it is just a flower, it’s still quite suggestive. It would be perfect for an invitation to The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago.

crushfanzine Nicolas Cogrel Hannah Hoffman Henrot

CAMILLE HENROT The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison, 2014

Courtesy of the Artist and Metro Pictures, New York

I’m very fond of Ikebana, because it is so simple and elegant. The style of this piece would be a great fit within the collection that I’m designing for the Tadao Ando building in NYC, where its simplicity would really complement the aesthetic of the building.



FELIX GONZALEZ-TORRES, “Untitled” (Alice B. Toklas’s and Gertrude Stein’s Grave, Paris), 1992

© The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation, Courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York

Whenever I see plants and flowers grounded to the soil, it reminds me of “La Pauvre Fleur” by Victor Hugo, which really speaks to the fleeting nature of our products: ‘the impossible love of a flower for a butterfly and its despair to see it tirelessly come and go’.



crushfanzine Nicolas Cogrel Hannah Hoffman Coulis

HOLLY COULIS Mimosas and Citrus, 2016

If I were sitting on the French Riviera with my eyes shut, these are the tones I would visualize. There is a warmth to them that is so inspiring.


crushfanzine Nicolas Cogrel Hannah Hoffman Sugiura

KUNIÉ SUGIURA Orange Stack 1, 2005

The play on transparency and structure of this image evokes for me the x-ray of a flower, filtered through rays of sun.


Art Editor – William J. Simmons

All images courtesy of Hannah Hoffman Gallery

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