“What do you really need?”

original story featured in Vogue

One of our favorite artists, Andrea Zittel, shares her work work that deals with isolation, bare necessities, and what we truly need as it pertains to living spaces.


As described by Nich McElroy

“Without being overly prescriptive, she’s interested in having them re-examine habit, routine, their own biases and expectations about the mechanics of living, and the dictums of a culture insistent on more.”


Regarding her work, Zittel remarks about boredom.

“Boredom, which is increasingly hard for me to find, is always when I do my best thinking.” She regularly updates a manifesto, “These Things I Know For Sure,” which touches on boredom: “… In our consumption-driven society, almost all voids are filled, blocking moments of greater clarity and creativity. Things that block voids are called ‘avoids.’” She has built her life and her practice— and inextricably linked the two—in relation to that clarity, and used it to animate an enduring question: how to live?



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photography and article by Nich McElroy