Invisible Adversaries
Published by CCS Bard College
Edited by Lauren Cornell, Tom Eccles. Foreword by Tom Eccles.

 review by William J Simmons


The artists and thinkers combined in the exhibition catalog for Invisible Adversaries at CCS Bard are a collective breath of fresh air – a veritable explosion of queer feminism and socially engaged performance. Curated by Lauren Cornell and Tom Eccles, and including essays by Johanna Fateman, J. Hoberman, and others, the exhibition and its accompanying catalog are structured around the work of VALIE EXPORT, whose feminist interventions have changed the course of postwar art. Alongside EXPORT is a group of intensely prescient artists: Pope.L, Mona Hatoum, Chantal Akerman, K8 Hardy, Jo Spence, Tala Madani, Gillian Wearing, and Barbara Bloom, to name a few. We all have a mandate – now more than ever – to remain dedicated to the discussion of queer, feminist, and anti-racist themes, and Invisible Adversaries provides an extraordinary template.

Below, William selected a few of his favorite images
All images courtesy of CCS Bard College

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