“I’ll be producing free, NIH-validated personal protective equipment (PPE) for our healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

We, at CRUSHfanzine, first worked with creative director and interdisciplinary 3-D designer, Robert de Saint Phalle, for our “I am Desi Santiago” issue. In this edition, Robert created miniature sculptures of Desi; the object of our obsession. Since this “3-D action figure project” we have been long-time fans of his work.

At this time, Robert is dedicated to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic by producing face shields. By supporting his GoFundMe page, you will enable his team to continue production and scale-up the amount of this vital and protective equipment.

Robert has an estimated production of 25-50 face shields per week that will be sent directly to hospitals and clinics in Massachusetts and New York. If they raise enough, some parts can be mass produced so hundreds are produced per week.

Note, this is all being done on at his own cost.  He is only seeking funding for materials

Additionally, his team is seeking materials to construct N95.


To learn more about Robert and his work, please see his website here and his gofundme page here


images by Robert de Saint Phalle

seen here, 25 masks being dropped off.