Scott Covert
The Dead Supreme
10/19/17 – 12/10/17

images courtesy of artist and Fierman.


Tell me about how the idea of this show and how it began.
I went to Flo’s grave w out a camera, made a rubbing  it moved, it skipped, out of register, it looked brilliant to me, I heard Gertrude Steins bell ring, showed it to Cookie Mueller, and realized I had discovered a This is what I was supposed to do…Where you a big fan of the story of The Supremes?  

Oh yes. The tale of success, wealth, sisterhood and poverty is very interesting

If a song accompanied your show, what would it be?

Home Sweet Heaven (Noel Coward) as sung by Tammy Grimes…

What is your idea of death and remembrance?
You’re done, name carved in Stone and you just drained your bank account.

Is anyone too soon or too personal for a piece?
I love what I do.  There’s always room for love.  It’s never too soon for love.
We see a queer sense to the groupings. Was that intentional?  
What, like Taboo!
They’re my people.Who… shall we say, yet to be expired person, would be a great subject?


The show has a  balance of life, death, queerness, humor and workmanship, how you handle that in real life? 
A sense of humor and great sex!

When is a piece finished?
When it’s soldFavorite film?
Sunset Boulevard What’s next for you?
Being we’re just days away from Halloween, I mean Thanksgiving, for me it means continuing the work on my paper pieces. Which some say when finished, will be my greatest masterpiece.