Iain De Caestecker photographed at the New Road Hotel in London by Nicolas Wagner
Styling by Jarno Leppanen 
Grooming  by Josh Knight at Caren using Weleda 
suit CREOLE, socks FALKE, shoes CARVIL 

How long have you been living in London, and how does the city inform your work?

I think I moved to London 15 years ago this year and am still exploring new and interesting parts of it. In terms of informing my work, I get to be around people from all different walks of life, which, as an actor, is lovely.


Is a good performance born of empathy or experience?

They’re both integral? You’d need to ask someone who’s given a good performance rather than me…


In The Winter King, your character constantly evaluates who can be trusted. Do you trust your own instincts?

Instinctively, I think no… So if I don’t trust my instincts, then, yes? It’s a minefield!

shirt KAWAKEY , denim jacket LEVI’S

How many people help you become King Arthur before you set foot on set?

I’ve lost count, but lots. From personal friends and family who support you and give you advice, then agents and casting directors, and onto the writers and directors and production team, and then customers and make-up artists and other actors, it’s all done for you.


Are you nervous on your first day on set? Being directed by Ryan Gosling or portraying a King might be a different mindset. 

Yeah, every time, it’s like the first day at school all over again. No matter how much preparation I do (or is done for me) there’s always a varying degree of the character that has to be figured out in the moment and can’t be planned for, which is scary.


What is your favorite skill you learned in the past couple of years?

 Horse Riding. There was a lot of riding in The Winter King, so I was lucky enough to get many lessons before we started filming. My horse was called Shovel and might be one of the best co-stars I have ever worked with. Horses are incredible!

pants and jacket by Kawakey, socks FALKE, shoes CARVIL 

Which song would go perfectly with your current state of mind?

I was listening to “Silver Soul” by Beach House this morning…


Do any of your parents have an artistic background?

Not really in a professional sense. Recently, my mum has talked about taking on some writing though, and she’d be fantastic at it.


What is your idea of style?

My horse Shovel.


Being a king and all, do you have quicker access to the catering table or parking lot?

I try not to go complete method, but I would love to park my horse in the parking lot one day.


What’s next for you?

Getting rid of my Christmas belly. 

suit CREOLE, socks FALKE, shoes CARVIL