Artist and Publisher, Ivan Dion, discusses Carnet d’ Ivoire
and what elements brought him to this point.



all photography by Nicolas Wagner


Where were you born?

In France, at Côsne sur Loire. It is an small city in France..
It’s a beautiful place to live.


When is your birthday?

Ahah secret.. it’s not an important day but i’m born in 1988.


When did you start CARNET D’ IVOIRE? Can you tell us about the concept of the publication?

To summarize the concept of this book; it follows people throughout their lives, and attempts to connect to my friends around art projects.

In 2011, I asked myself some questions about what is a book nowadays?
We now have many choices, many different books. But there is a problem; pictures are really powerfull and by using them some people retain only the form and style, then forget the meaning.

Books are made of paper and paper is made of trees. With the problem of contemporary consumption and our lifestyle all became temporary. Books, magazines, anything that is printed is used in the moment and then discarded. Trees are becoming increasingly valuable and books should be wisely published in the light of that problem.
We must minimize the production to favor a better quality and sharing. I like finding the information by myself.
Today, people want to go on holiday as far as they can, but they can spend their whole lives without visiting the neighboring street of their home. There are lots of interesting people right in front of your door. I like meeting people, they are a source of inspiration. I would like this book to become more important and be able to tell the story of more and more people.


What is the theme of the next issue?

Football and Chopped & Screwed…
I like football, but not fully. I am more into bicycles and motorcycles ..
I actually like what goes around, the jerseys, the fans, all the people who support this sport.
I really like the musical style Chopped and Screwed. Dj Screw is a researcher.
I find it really interesting the way he reworks a song and explores all ways to remix it. He had an interesting approach.


How do you know when the issue is finished?

I do not know yet, I constantly postpone it because I want to fine-tune every detail and suddenly I never find the end …
In the end, I restrained myself and I save these ideas for the next issue which will be even more extensive!
But, for this one there is no doubt it will be here before the end of the year… Sure, ahah!

Do you wear cleats to play soccer?

Never because I don’t play…

But if you want I can, why not?

Who is your biggest influence?


Do you have a secret crush?

I really love “I Get Around” by Tupac and Digital Underground. It’s a simple beat.
I really like this loop… and I’m always in search of a new version of this track.
I think I’ll learn the  piano soon, to play this melody.