June Kim Interview

Q&A with artist June Kim.
She is our latests artist obsession and curator of the current series on Instagram.



Describe your work in one word.

What’s the relationship between your text and images?
The texts are things the “boys” have said or written (texted/emailed) to me. In conjunction with the images, the text offers a double entendre: a certain innocence, while simultaneously providing sexual undertones. In a gallery setting, the text pieces would be installed as a grid format in rows of two (there’s 10 pieces in total) but for digital media purposes I like to pepper them between the images.

If your photography had a soundtrack, what song would play?
Still Life, by The Horrors

What is your relationship with the subjects in your images?
Whatever you want it to be.

What photographers do you admire?
Roger Ballen, Nan Goldin, Leigh Ledare, Nikki S. Lee, and Robert Mapplethorpe.

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