Interview with actor Karan Brar

all images by Nick Green, shot in Midtown, Los Angeles. Styling by Britton Litow / button down hawaiian shirt ORIGINAL PENGUIN, denim pants A.P.C., shoes DR. MARTENS, and stylist’s own safety pin.

What is the first thing you did this morning?

Talk on the phone with my publicist.


What is your favorite movie from the 90s?

Jurassic Park 


You have described your character in Youth & Consequences as a jerk. Are you ever a jerk in real life? If so, how?

I don’t think I am. I try my best to be a decent human being but if you piss me off enough I can go off hahah.


What was the toughest thing about your role in Pacific Rim Uprising?

The physical aspect of the whole experience. I have never worked on a project that had me working out the entire time and was this stunt heavy. It was definitely challenging and something new but I welcomed the opportunity. It’s always good to mix things up!


As the ethic landscape of Hollywood continues to evolve, how do you see yourself in its change?

With all these strong and brave women coming forward telling us their stories of harassment and sexual assault in and outside of the workspace, it’s not only important for us as men to listen but also to check our privilege and see how we contribute to the problem subconsciously. And, if we do find ourselves contributing to the issue, then how can we change to contribute to the solution. As for myself personally, I try harder to ask more question and listen more so I can be an ally.


You are breaking cultural barriers in your and now, more than ever, visibility is important. What do you think the next step in this process should be?

I’m already starting to do this but I’m pushing to go for a more diverse set of characters. I want people to see that while I am an Indian guy, I can do a lot more than just be the nerd in the corner. Personally I don’t think people are intentionally stereotyping one another, but especially in this industry a lot of people do it subconsciously. I want to keep working towards a future where those biases and stereotypes no longer exist.



As a first-generation Indian-American actor, you are paving the way for those behind you. What advice would you give?

This is extremely cheesy but don’t give up. I’m not going to lie, being and Indian American actor is extremely difficult. Not only are there a lack of roles out there for you but you’re also having to deal with the constant stereotypes people place over you. But at the end of the day if you love what you’re doing, keep going for it because  you can’t allow other people to hold you back.


What is something which we should all know about you?

I make some amazing guacamole.


What is a secret talent you have? 

Killing plants unintentionally.


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Photography by Nick Green

styling by Britton Litow



oversized track pullover ASOS, pants NECESSITY SENSE, shoes NIKE MONARCH

silk suit ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA COUTURE, turtleneck t-shirt Necessity Sense, shoes K-Swiss