“My dreams are long, winding and wildly cinematic.”

Photographer / Brandon Brown / @brandonthomasbrown
Stylist /Rebecca Lux / @byrebeccalux
Make Up / leola.b.artistry
Model Representative / Quincie Zari
Agency / wespeakmodels
dress MAISON CLOSE, vest LD3,  hat MINNETONKA, necklace and pin ERICKSON BEAMON 

You are self-described as a” tough, mushy soft genderqueer femmeborg” We love that! What do [people?] need to get right about you before they even approach you?


This question made me smirk each time I read it because it might as well have said, “how can people come correct before stepping to you?” Simply, if a person has the capacity to willingly suspend the social constructs we’ve been conditioned to hold as truth, we’ll get along just fine. I am tough because of the world but barely; you don’t have to dig that deep to realize that I am an absolutely soft, mushy being. I’ve been called wild, extra, and open but I find myself to also be pretty reticent, bashful, and calculating. And at the core of it all, there’s nothing about me that isn’t Q U E E R. I have no qualms about who I am (outside of the existential shit) and the only change in personhood I care about is in the pursuit of growth. Pull up on meh if this is for you, leave me alone if it isn’t. Oh yeah, please be kind.  


What is sexy?

Sexiness is self-assurance. Charisma.

Sometimes particular and inexplicable but always notable when witnessed. It’s the person entering a room knowing they’re not in competition with anyone. It’s the way they command attention and choose kindness–not niceness–in interactions. It’s that alluring charm that seduces you. Palpable. There’s no standard they’re measuring themself against; evident in the effortless swagger they exude. That swagger might not even be textbook “cool.” It could be quirky, corny, or maybe even a little odd, but it is true to the self. Independent yet tender. Interdependent yet firm. They look good, smell good, and feel good to be around. Such a person makes it clear that sexy is a lifestyle with many disparate paths inviting you to aspire to more than the narrow ideals we’ve been taught to lionize.


What do you want everyone to know about Africa?

It’s a very exciting time to be a young, creative African in America. I’m happy that a lot of the narratives have shifted from ‘for just 30 cents a day you can keep Tobi alive’ and “African booty-scratcher” to people taking in the rich cultural, geographical and biological diversity of the continent. I’m Ghanaian so there’s tension in being asked to speak on behalf of the whole continent so, instead, something I want folks to know about Ghana is that she is a prepossessing country. However, the continued effects of neo-colonialism are very blatant and have a domineering hold on her people. While we continue to do the work of building her up, I think anyone who finds themself visiting should ask what they can give instead of just take from us.


Who inspires you?

I shaved my hair into an angular not-so-high top the winter of my college Sophomore year, and though I’d never had a happy relationship with my hair, deep regret set in in the weeks that followed. I felt I had masculinized myself in a way that’d only make it harder for me to be seen as desirable. Luckily, I happened to be in a Walmart with my high school drama coach during one of my vocal lamentations. After consoling me, he showed me pictures of Grace Jones and my life was changed. Looking at my portfolio, I realize I’m not playing with androgyny as much as she does (nor as much as I’d like) but Oskar as a person is in a perpetual state of gender flux and I attribute that to Mama Jones.

Additional names that deserve all the recognition are Jodie Turner-Smith, Nora Chipaumire,  Lupita Nyongo, Michaela Coel, Akwaeke Emezi, and Moses Sumney. I wish I could talk about each person so much more but if you don’t know any of these names, do yourself a favor and get familiar.


Tell us about a recent dream

My dreams are long, winding and wildly cinematic. I’m not even gonna put y’all through that. I will say, though, Lusty Thirst Amid Dreamy Nightmares was the title of the last dream I wrote about.


Who was your first celebrity crush?

I really thought about this one and an easy cop out would be to say Usher (and understandably so) but if I’m being completely honest, I was an anime kid so my wet dreams were very much devoted to fictional characters. The OG crush was Rurouni Kenshin. His nickname was Battousai the manslayer but honestly I know a few other things he could’ve slayed…ya know, if he was real. 😭


If your life thus far had a soundtrack, what song must be on it?

Damn. Truly a hard one but I gotta go with Let It Fall- Harlum Mix (by Lady Alma, The Rainmakers, David Harness, and Chris Lum).


Describe your perfect day.

I awake naturally in a sunny and airy open concept home. No alarm, no rush, no stress. My favorite tracks are playing and I dance through the space leisurely; nobody needs me and I permit myself to engage with the freedom I seek. For the purpose of this scenario, I have a lover and they join me in this fanciful reality. We make breakfast and get ready for the day lackadaisically. Also specific to this scenario, I can ride a bike so we pack a picnic basket, grab our bikes and are out the door. As we ride, we are greeted by cobblestone streets lined with vendors selling an impressive array of goods. We weave in and out of the different shops like explorative children, and once we’ve had our fill, we make our way to a park where we are accompanied by friends. We gab and play games until the sun sets, the day ends, and I return home hand-in-hand with my bebe. Let it be known that I am dedicated to making this happen.