“My recent dream was walking on Avenue Montaigne in Paris”

Photographer / Brandon Brown / @brandonthomasbrown
Stylist /Rebecca Lux / @byrebeccalux
Make Up / leola.b.artistry
Model Representative / Quincie Zari
Agency / wespeakmodels
dress RICHIE MOO, vest BALMAIN, necklace and pin ERICKSON BEAMON 

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion for me means “the moment,” something that lasts for a particular time and then changes depending on the times and stations we live in. I am a big believer in change, but I do not follow fashion. I might take some ideas of “the moment,” but most of the time, I go with my intuition of how I feel about what fashion is. I’m more interested in personal style as in the words of the master Yves Saint Laurent “Fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal.”


Tell us about the first time you experienced FASHION.
My first-time experiencing fashion was at 6 yrs. I can remember my mom every single morning spraying her Chanel #5 before heading out to work. It was a simple gesture of luxury and class that inspired me to know more about fashion. She told me never to leave home without a spritz of perfume because I would never know who you might meet.

What is one smell that always takes you back to your childhood?
One of the smells that always takes me back to my childhood is the smell of clean sheets. My mom was a maid, and she would work on 3 to 4 houses a day to provide the best life for myself and my siblings. We would always have clean sheets and an immaculate household. Now, when I do the laundry and turn on my candles at home, it brings back memories of how precious and sweet my childhood was.


Who inspires you?
My mother. Because of her faith, positivity, and unconditional love. As well as my sister. Because of her unapologetic ways of approaching style at any age.

Tell us about a recent dream.
My recent dream was walking on Avenue Montaigne in Paris, I had been there once, and it inspired me beyond words. Those subconscious memories keep repeating whenever I’m happily asleep. The energy of Paris feels so right to me in those dreams. I’m just running everywhere, experiencing the city in the middle of fashion week.


Who was your first celebrity crush?
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake!


If your life thus far had a soundtrack, what song must be on it?
Currently in this stage of my life: The Power of Good-Bye by Madonna.


What do you want people to know about you?
That I will never stop till I archive all my dreams of conquering the industry worldwide, not for fame, clout, or money but for my satisfaction as a human being with a message of inclusivity and love. I Want to inspire the world and leave my mark in the most positive way possible. I want to create a vision that is more humane, more available, and open to everyone.


What book can you read over and over, or what song can you listen to again and again?
One song I would probably listen to on repeat without getting bored would be Madonna’s Jump from my favorite album of all time, Confessions on the dance floor. The lyrics and the beat just hit me differently.


Describe your perfect day.
My perfect day would be sitting with my family members under the mango tree at my grandmother’s farm in the Dominican Republic, talking about our childhood and dreams. Feeling the breeze and just falling asleep on a summer afternoon.