“I was afraid to be alone, so I would take the bike and follow his tracks until I saw him around the corner.”

as seen in the issue, “PICTURES OF YOU”

photography Nicolas Wagnerstyling Storny + Misericordia. / photographed in Budapest, Hungary / leather racing suit Model’s own


How often do you check your IG?

I try to limit the time I use my phone. In general, when I’m around people, I encourage

myself to kickoff a conversation; needless to say, I still have a lot to improve. Instagram

is my go-to app for almost everything, so I use it around two to three hours a day. I would

say that is okay. I spend a lot of time outside, which makes up for it.



What is your earliest memory of riding dirt bikes? How old where you?

I have always been told that I learned to ride a dirt bike before a bicycle, which was when

I was around three, although I don’t remember. I can recall some images when I was first

taken on a dirt bike in front of my dad in winter, when he would take me out off-roading

near our house and I was freezing cold. The first time I remember riding was probably

when I was around five. I wouldn’t stop crying; I didn’t really like riding at the time, as

I was quite afraid as I was still learning. We were on dirt roads and my small bike with

small tires was swallowed by the deep sand, so I barely managed to go forward. I would

stop and cry until my dad would hide and leave me alone. As everyone knew, I was afraid

to be alone, so I would take the bike and follow his tracks until I saw him around the




What would be a regular training schedule?

I try to play as many sports as I can. My principal focus is track and field, which I do six

times a week resting on Sunday, although I cannot manage this schedule with my studies

in university. Whenever I can, I usually spend my free Sundays riding dirt bikes. I would

say I am sports addicted, as for me it is an important ingredient to my general health and




What do you like most about Budapest?

I love Budapest: it’s beautiful, not too big, and more importantly, what I refer to as my

home city. I love that I can be very flexible with my day-to-day duties. In one moment, I

can enjoy the company of animals and nature in our small farm and then take a drive to

the city.



How many languages do you speak?

I currently speak four languages, three of which are fluent (English, Hungarian and

Italian), and I have studied French in high school, which I chose because many of my

cousins live in Paris.



What is next for you?

I am focusing on finishing my university studies in mechanical engineering, which I hope

will open doors for me in the world of motorsports. I would love to work for a racing

team, whether that is cars or motorbikes. In the nearer future, parallel with my studies, I

am working on my modeling portfolio. As a model, meeting great people and traveling is

truly a privilege, not talking about the great pictures they take of you.


racing suit Model’s own






oversized shirt ANN DEMEULEMEESTER


oversized shirt ANN DEMEULEMEESTER