Madhulika Sharma
at NEXT Management
photographed by Selwyn Tungol 
creative direction and styling by Raymond Casas
make-up and hair Shannon Rodriguez 
vintage trench, dress MSGM, tights WOLFORD, shoes SCAROSSO 

What scent most reminds you of India?

Fresh jasmine flowers and an earthy oud.


If someone were to visit your hometown, what place must they see?

Kaziranga. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its only one-horned rhinoceros. Growing up, we would go on safari every winter. You have to patiently wait in the wilderness at dawn to spot these majestic beasts.


What do you love most about New York?

I love the “pulse” of this city. 


What do you hate about New York?

The price of real estate! 

blouse MAISON DE HOE , trousers MSGM, belt MAISON DE HOE 
blazer MSGM, denim trousers TANNER FLETCHER 

What is your favorite vegetarian meal and why?

I love my local cuisine from Assam. The simplicity of it is very humbling. An ideal vegetarian meal would consist of red rice, daal (lentil soup), pickled bamboo, spicy mashed potatoes, and a tenga curry. 


What is your favorite film and why?

I have so many! Current top three would be Babylon for the theatrics, Dead Poets Society for its feel-good factor and Parasite for its satire on society and class. 

dress AKNVAS, sandals 4CCCCEES

Do you have a favorite actor or actress? If so, what about them connects to you?

I love the late Irrfan Khan for his deeply honest storytelling and Penelope Cruz for her effortless versatility.


Do you have a recurring dream? If so, what happens?

I sometimes dream of being in high school, panicked that I haven’t finished my prep for a big exam. 

blazer TANNER FLETCHER, undergarment SKIMS, hosiery SHEERTEX
blazer and trousers TANNER FLETCHER 

Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day is yoga in the morning, going to a farmer’s market, cooking a meal with my loved ones, watching the sunset, preferably on a beach, and going to the theatre to watch an epic film. 


If your life thus far had a soundtrack, what song must be on it?

“The Show Must Go On” by Queen