Interview with actor, writer and director, Michael Angarano.


photography by Cory Goldberg

At the Lower East Side Film Festival Michael discusses his latest film and directorial debut, Avenues. 


Are you nervous?
I’m more excited than I am nervous because my whole family is here and I am excited to have them see it. At this point, “nerves” are more about the film not being in sync or it just stops. Technical issues that are just out of my control. Nightmare type of stuff, but Im excited to see it in front of an audience like this.

What do you want people to take away from this film.
Thematically it’s about a lot of different things, but ultimately it relates to anyone that has been 25 years old. It’s that feeling of being an adult but not fully committing to those responsibilities. The obligations that adulthood brings.

It’s also about letting go and dealing with grief. It’s about learning that what you need in life is not necessarily what you envisioned. Coming to terms with that.

Yes. It’s a buddy film, no? It’s about growth.
Well yes. It’s a slice a life. The day and the life of this guy in New York.

As this is your directorial debut, what films from the 70s or 80s inspired you?
I just wanted to write a movie like the ones I grew up watching. Like Carnal Knowledge, The Last Detail, Manhattan and Breathless.

What will you drink tonight after this premiere?
Vodka Soda

Who was your childhood crush?
The Pink Ranger. Kimberly


Premiering at the Lower East Side Film Festival, Avenues (directed by Michael Angarano) tells the story of when Peter (Nicholas Braun) arrives in Manhattan to visit his best friend Max (Angarano). Angarano creates a portrait of contemporary New York City in his directorial debut that harkens back to the classics of the 1970s and is alive to new possibilities.