Interview with actress Michelle DeFraites

all images by Matt Gunther, shot in Los Angeles, California


You are originally from Mississippi, what do you miss the most about the south?

 I miss the people.  Honestly, they are the nicest and most caring humans.  In LA you can go a whole day without speaking to anyone if you want, but that won’t happen back home.  No matter where you go someone will strike up a conversation with you or just hold a door for you.  It’s the little things.  The southern charm and hospitality is real where I’m from.



What is the toughest thing about your role on The Quad?

I don’t know if I consider it tough, but I work very hard and put a lot of time into making sure that everything Madison tackles on the shows comes off as genuine and authentic. Because of the storylines Madison and Sydney have been given over the past two seasons, I want to be very careful that the topics we talk about are handled appropriately and will ultimately not only entertain people but help them if they are in similar situations. We were lucky enough to do that with our first season and I hope people will feel the same way about season two.



What’s your favorite movie from the 90s?

 Clueless of course!  The attitude of the movie and their fashion was just so cool and inspiring to me!  Also, “The Parent Trap” with Lindsay Lohan.  I know that was late 90s but still, I think I’ve seen that movie at least 50 times.



What song can always make you cry?

Stone Cold by Demi Lovato gets me every time because of the emotion in her voice.  I just put myself in her position and I can instantly feel what she is feeling.  Her voice is so powerful it’s hard not to get emotional.



What song can always make you happy?

Right now, literally anything from Little Mix! I will throw on their Glory Days album and sing and dance along to every song!  It’s such a fun, girl power album!



What part of Madison Kelly do you take home with you? What part do you leave at work?

I leave all the relationship drama that Madison is dealing with this season at work!  Her and Sydney’s relationship this season has gone through some ups and downs as well as Madison’s love life.  So all of that gets to stay!   What I do take home is her newfound ambition to be a better person.  She is putting herself out there more, learning about new things, and taking action too.  These are traits that I really try to bring back and implement in my life.


Photography by Matt Gunther