photographed in New York by Nicolas Wagner. Styling by Jesse Jacq. Hair by Guy Laurent. Make Up by Ann Benjamas Liendo. Manicure by Emi Aoki. all clothing GCDS


Q: What is the first thing you do in the morning?

A: I check my Instagram. I went to sleep last night at 3 or 4am, so I slept late today. 

It depends on my schedule but I usually get up about 8am 

Q: What is the last thing you do at night?

A: I play a game called PUGB. It’s fun because you get to kill people.

Q: You seem to be very self-confident. Is this a quality you have always had?

A: When i was a teenager I was shy, but when I got on stage, with comedy, and I learned to laugh with people it helped me out a great deal.  Then, when the complements from people came over and over, it made my confidence build into what it is today. 

Q: Growing up, did you have a personal hero?

A: Beyoncé

Q: What’s your favorite Beyoncé song?

A: Crazy in Love

Q: If Beyoncé invited you to dinner at her house, but you had to bring a dish, what would you bring?

A: That is a difficult question.  I think that because she is strict with her food it makes it hard, but I’d say I’m going to bring a zero-calorie jelly.

Q: If you were at the GCDS beach, what would you wear?

A: I’d where a head to toe Pikachu outfit from GCDS

Q: Do you have a secret crush? Who?

A: Yes, but after I turned 30, I forgot to flirt. It’s not like when I was in my 20’s. 

But, I won’t tell who it is.