Pablo Pauly
photographed by Nicolas Wagner at Hotel Jules et Jim in Paris
styling by Storny and Misericordia 
above: shoes and jumper RALPH LAUREN, biker pants RALPH LAUREN SPORT

Are you superstitious?
I guess so. Yes, it does not drive my entire life, though.


How long have you been an actor?
About ten long, complicated years.


Is a good performance borne of empathy or experience?
It’s about the work itself. I don’t have to love my character to think like him, I don’t have to be that person; I’m only portraying somebody. Experiences: It depends. If I have to play a racist, thank god I don’t have to be one! But I have to build something, so I would do my research and feel like it is me.

shirt and pants RALPH LAUREN, necklace DUSTILJL 1979 FOR ATELIER PAULIN

In your new movie Et plus si affinités (directed by Olivier Ducray and Wilfried Meance), your character seems very self-assured. Is this one of your personal characteristics?
Well, absolutely not. I can act like it, but through a character, personally, I’m not that self-assured. Give me a little time, and I will…


What is the best relationship advice you received?
“Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.”


Are you nervous on your first day on set?
You have no idea! The night before is total chaos. I can’t sleep. I overthink everything. Am I worth it? Did I put enough work in? The first day is horrible (well, not the entire day, but the first take, at least). After that, I feel like I’m at home. The set, the crew, I feel good there. I just don’t want to leave.

shirt and pants RALPH LAUREN, oversized coat LACOSTE 
total look TOD’S
jumper LACOSTE 

Which song would go perfectly with your current state of mind?
Today, it’s “Can’t Keep My Cool” by Durand Jones and the indications (great track). Enjoy!!


Do you have a secret crush?
Gemma Arterton !! It’s not that secret now, is it?


What’s next for you?
JOY !!

full look RALPH LAUREN
leather jacket RALPH LAUREN