Pieter Buist Interview

CRUSHfanzine athlete, Pieter Buist, discussing his
workout routine and being a nice guy.



Where where you born?
I was born and raised in Holland ( my mother is from Holland and my father is from Ghana)

Where where you raised?
I was raised in Holland in a town called Breda

When is your birthday?
1st of March

What’s your height and weight?
My height is 1 meter and 90 centimeters that’s 6 ft 2 and my weight is during training 82 kg( 180 lbs ) and my fight weight is 77kg(170lbs) but, I can also drop to 70 kg (155lbs)

What got you into MMA?
When I was little I loved Bruce Lee, Dragonball Z and Power Rangers so I always dreamed to be a fighter !! I grew up in a tough neighborhood, hard environment too so I always had to fight for everything in life . When I saw UFC, Pride & K-1 on tv. I was immediately drawn to it so I began with gymnastics than kung fu and judo after that. At the age of 15 i started with Muay Thai.I’ve reached pro level in Muay Thai but the love for MMA was greater so I decided to do MMA instead.

What is it about MMA do you love?
Everything , the lifestyle , respect , the training & the fighting I love it all! You never know what can happen and it can end on the ground or with a knock out or on points , it’s always excited!!!

What about MMA may bother you?
That some people still think that we are mindless , primitive people how beat up people when we want whenever we want.

If you did not do MMA what would you do?
That’s a hard one I think I would help problem children. I have youth counseling degree.

What is the biggest injury you have had so far?
A crushed ego from I lost fight hahaha. Every day I prepare myself. I have the fighter lifestyle so I’m always well prepared and in good shape that’s the best way to avoid injuries.

What MMA fighter do you look up to?
Bruce Lee , Demetrius Johnson , Jon Jones , Gerard Mousasi & Edson Barboza

What is your daily food regimen?
I almost always eat healthy even when i’m not intraining camp. On Saturday after my last training I have a cheat day. I can eat whatever I want. Cheat day stops on Sunday.

What is your daily work out regimen?
On Monday morning strength & conditioning and in the evening Muay Thai training (at Hemmers Gym).

Tuesday morning running and in the evening strength & conditioning.

Wednesday Muay Thai sparring at Hemmers Gym and in the evening MMA training (at MMA Breda).

Thursday strength & conditioning and in the evening MMA training (at MMA Breda).

Friday running and I’m the evening stretching and flexibility training.

Saturday MMA sparring (at MMA Breda)

What do you do on the days you don’t train?
Family time, gaming & relaxing with my girlfriend

Describe what it’s like to hit your opponent
I like to test myself to always raise the bar and to be honest I don’t really feel anything when I hit my opponent. I just want to beat him Haha. I have no hate only love and respect



You seem like such a nice guy, do you ever feel sorry for the guys you beat?
Afterwards I always check if everything is alright because I have respect for my opponent but during the fight it’s just business and I want to be the best !!

What’s your favorite song?
Poee I like Moby “Bring Sally up” , Jimmy Hendrix “Voodoo Child”, Rick Ross “Like a Boss” and P-Unit ft Alicios “Mobimba” (an African song) hahaha I like all kinds of music.

What’s your favorite line from a movie?
Do you want to live for everything? (William Wallace in Braveheart)

What would people be surprised about you that they may not know?
That I’m a mma fighter a lot of people look at me and say wow you don’t look like one hahaha

If you where an animal what type of animal would you be?
Mmmm an Eagle or a lion

Is there anything you fear?
Mmmm. No. hahaha


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