portfolio series #2 / Ricardo Gomes

Photo : Ricardo Gomes / ricardogomesphotography.com
Styling : Lars-Fredrik Svedberg / LundLund

Photo : Ricardo Gomes / ricardogomesphotography.com
Styling : Lars-Fredrik Svedberg / LundLund
Hair : Carina Finnström / Mikas
Make-up : Linda Sundqvist / AgentBauer
Model : Jonas Schedin / Elite Stockholm

Metallic leather jacket by Samsoe and Samsoe. Snakeprint jeans by Lovealot


Studded leather armor by JH Nocturnal. Leather jeans by BLK DNM

Feather headpiece by Malinda Damgaard

Cropped silver top by Landeros New York. Leggings with lip print by Lovealot

White fringed shoulder piece with straps by Be a Szenfeld. Crushed velvet trousers by Marques Almeida

Long chiffon smoking jacket by BLK DNM. Leather trousers by BLK DNM

Long chiffon smokingjacket by BLK DNM. Foxtail fur collar by JH Nocturnal. Leather trousers by BLK DNM


Wowen fringe cardigan by Per Hansson / The Swedish School of Textiles

Vintage sheepskin fur jacket by A.F. Vandevorst. Levi´s stylists own. Bracelets by Le Gramme