“I’m a hard worker and I’m a supportive, lit ass, inspiring homie”

 photographed in New York by Jeremy Grier. Styled by Jermaine Ricardo Robinson. crewneck SAINTWOODS GALACTIC

What Is your home routine during these unusual times?

I usually sleep in till noon nowadays, make food and then work on music. I try to mix it up a bit and work out during the days, so everyday I think about how I can change my activities inside.



Early in the COVID-19 crisis you stressed the facts and mixed it with your music. While others spread misinformation or misleading rumors, you went to facts on self care. Can you discuss that a bit? 

I just wanted to spread awareness to my platform. I felt like it’s my responsibility as an artist who inspires people, especially the younger generation to lead by example whichever way I can.



Describe your work to a hearing-impaired person.

Energy driven, dark, melodic, topped with a breath of fresh air.



Who is your favorite artist from the 2000s?

Lil Wayne. I became addicted to looking for all his mixtapes, official and unofficial haha. But his versatility was incredible and I couldn’t wrap my head around the bars it was definitely a time.



Could you speak to the importance of Jazz music as it pertains to your sound/artistry? 

Jazz music is important for me and my music because not only that I love the improvisational essence and the chord progressions, but I come from a neighborhood that has a history of Jazz culture. Decades ago, Pennsylvania Ave in Baltimore, MD was home to over a dozen Jazz venues. Plenty of famous Jazz musicians would come out to play here, and I felt like that history is apart of me. It gave me more momentum to represent that in my music.



Describe a perfect day in Baltimore.

A perfect day in Baltimore is warm like comfortable short-sleeve weather warm. You can hear the dirt bikes out every hour. Grabbing 4 wings and fries and just hanging out front of the house. Probably on a good weekend when there’s a bunch of shows to go to at night.



Describe the last dream you had.

The last dream I had was having a birthday without the pandemic going on.



If your life had a soundtrack, what sound would be on it? 

It would be all Alchemist beats.



Do you have a secret talent?

But it wouldn’t be a secret if I told everyone!


Do you have a secret crush?

Nah I don’t haha



What would your best friend say about you?

My Best friend would say I’m a hard worker and I’m a supportive lit ass inspiring homie.



What’s next for you? 

Working on my album! Hope to deliver by the end of the summer.



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photographed in New York by Jeremy Grier.

Styled by Jermaine Ricardo Robinson


earrings and necklace set VIVIENNE WESTWOOD (Butch’s own)

 sleeveless raglan polo and raw drawstring baggy jeans TELFAR, sneakers CONVERSE OG PRO LEATHER HI TOPS