Next level.


Where did you grow up?

Castle Hill Ave. The Bronx, NY. What’s good?! 👐🏽


How many languages to you speak?

I speak 3 languages. Spanish, English, and American Sign Language.


Do you sign in English and Spanish?

No. Just English. They’re very similar though.


What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

There’s a couple! People think I am very serious, nosy, and cocky. Lol! That I’m unapproachable. I’m actually very sensitive, goofy and very direct. I think it’s because when they see me, they see this tatted, buzz cut guy.  I realized that I have to initiate conversations. Once I open my mouth, I’m approachable. Hearing people (the deaf culture term for people who does not have a hearing disability) do not  realize that when you are around a deaf person, he/she wants to make sure that they don’t miss out any information: especially if it’s in a group setting. So in order for us to absorb all the information given, we have to use our eyes. So it’s not being nosy. Our eyes are basically our ears.


What is your birth sign?



How many tattoes to you have?

9, I think.


What’s the next tattoo you will get?

I actually don’t know yet. Most of my tattoos are based on experiences that touched me or moments that inspired me.


What is your secret talent?

I am a trained dancer.


Whats the last text message someone gave you?

Lol! “🍑”



all clothing by BURBERRY, RALPH LAUREN and ARMANI. all shoes by NIKE and CONVERSE