Seven Magic Mountains

Seen approximately 10 miles south of the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and St. Rose Parkway in Henderson.

Discussion with Art Production Fund about the piece.


How has Seven Magic Mountains changed you?

Seven Magic Mountains is Art Production Fund’s most ambitious project to date. Watching Ugo’s unique vision come to life after five years of planning with the Nevada Museum of Art has been incredibly rewarding.  The first time APF witnessed the seven figures standing tall in the desert landscape was truly awe-inspiring.  Our appreciation for the project continues to grow as we observe visitor reactions via social media every day.


How has social media impacted the project?

We check the hashtag #7MagicMountains daily and it’s been such a special way to monitor this land art installation and engage with visitors. The images captured are so creative and everyone has a different perspective. It’s amazing how the project inspires people to interact with the sculptures and capture these unique images. 


If someone driving past Seven Magic Mountains had an ideal song on the radio whilst driving past, what would it be? 

David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream”


What does futurism mean to you? 

Futurism, to me, is the unexpected.  8 million drivers will pass by Seven Magic Mountains this year via Interstate 15, and I love the idea of these massive rainbow figures completely disrupting their sense of reality as they drive through the pristine desert landscape.  Perhaps they’ll think it’s an alien invasion!


What is the ideal form of public art for you? 

I think the most ideal public artworks are those that are accessible to everyone and inspire contemplation and engagement with each other and with our environments.


All responses by Art Production Fund’s Director of Operations, Kathleen Lynch.
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