Interview with artist, Sneazzy.

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photography by Nicolas Wagner, styling by Lamia Lagha, grooming by Odile Jimenez . Special Thanks to L’Arc Paris. all looks by LOUIS VUITTON

What do you do for work?

I’m a rapper in a band called 1995. We issued 2 EPs and an album in 2012 that allowed us to tour a lot – all the biggest venues in France, in French speaking countries and all the most known festivals. After this I decided to launch my solo career. I issued an album in 2015. This summer I was in a film – the first film of Syrine Boulanouar, the guy who made most of our music videos. It was an amazing experience that I want to do again. I can’t wait for the movie to be released.

What do you wear when you perform?

Often artists absolutely want to be comfortable in what they’re wearing on stage. I don’t care much for that as long as I think my outfit is cool. It can go from simple sweatpants, t-shirt, and sneakers when we’re in a festival, to an oversized bomber, tight jeans, and boots when in a venue. I don’t follow any rules. When I have new cool clothes in my closet I try them on stage.

Are you superstitious?

Yes, I’m superstitious, even if deep down I don’t fully believe in it. I think it comes from my mother who always told me don’t walk underneath the scaffold, and never break a mirror, or when I wake in the morning I always put the right foot first on the ground. I don’t really believe in it but in reassures me to do it, and I don’t know why.

You work as a solo artist and you are/were part of a band – do you need to alternate, or take breaks from others to be creative?

Working with a band and alone are two very different things. Our band works like a collective more then a band. There’s [six] identities with very different needs and tastes. We love getting together to produce music. When we feel the need to breathe and to do music following our own and unique vision we just take a break, but we never part ways. When I’m working on my solo album, all the guys come down to the studio, listen and give me their opinions, so in the end it’s never really a break. I’ve been hanging out every day with the same guys for the past 8 years. It makes me happy they’re my brothers.


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all looks by LOUIS VUITTON

crushfanzine sneazzy