the RICARDO GOMES series / Jonathan Velasquez Interview

Ricardo Gomes shoots Larry Clark muse and skateboarder,
Jonathan Velasquez, with friends in Paris.


Describe yourself in one word
I don’t know


If your life had a soundtrack what would be the song?
“Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan


What do you dream about at night?
A lot of crazy shit


Describe your perfect day.
A nice sunny day with my friends skateboard my guitar a joint and some brew at the end of the day


Describe a nightmare.
Politicians and their rules


What is next for you?
Our new album


Tell us something surprising about you. 
I dont like surprises


Describe your favorite place to skate.
Paramount Skate Park. Perfect everything 🙂


Who is your idol?
Mr. Chuck Berry


What’s your favorite thing about living in Paris?
It’s beautiful… My girlfriend and friends