My first profound cinematic experience had to be Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands.

photography Nicolas Wagner 
styling Lucio Fonseca
fashion assistant Flavia Agnès
special thanks to Hotel Le Pigalle 

What’s your earliest memory of a film/series? How old were you?

My first profound cinematic experience had to be Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. I was around six years old, and it affected me deeply as a kid. I still go back to it sometimes – it never gets old. 


How many languages do you speak?

I want to say 4…Hebrew is my native language, English feels very comfortable, and I think I can handle my French and Arabic. 


What can we expect from the new season of THE BOYS?

Blood, Love, and Salt – salt stands for many things…Anything else I’d add wouldn’t do justice to what awaits you… It’s like describing a crazy rollercoaster ride to someone – I prefer you to experience it.


Favorite French tracks at the moment? 

I tend to listen to so much French music throughout being Frenchie, and I’m proud to say that the whole cast of “The Boys” knows and loves it while it’s playing at full volume everywhere. This season I was into the following: Oxmo Puccino, MC Solaar, and does Morcheeba count if they originate from the UK? The one that was looping every day was “Ca plane pour moi” by Plastic Bertrand.


C’est quoi la première chose que tu fais quand tu arrives à Paris? 

aller à “The French Bastards” bakery…c’est un vrai endroit ha?


What is the closed trait of character you share with Frenchie? 

 I want to say it’s our sense of fashion! But no, I’m not daring enough to wear crop tops, but I’d like to believe that as Frenchie, I’m a good and loyal friend to the ones I love.


I see many rescued dogs photos on your insta, can you tell us more about it?

 I have always grown up and loved animals. In my eyes, they symbolize the highest purity that our crazy planet has to offer. The pictures you are referring to are from “Keren Or” rescue farm, a nonprofit built from donations of good people. It gives life to the less fortunate and helps animals from blind crows to crippled donkeys and more – this place is also open to volunteers from all spectrums, special needs, PTSD, and more. It turns out that these wounded animals can give and teach and help so much. My role is relatively minimal compared to the amazing people who are dedicated to it. All I do is use my humble position to spread the love.


What scares you the most?

That’s a great question…Answering it on a bigger scale, I feel that “the powers who be “are investing enormous resources and effort to find an alternative to colonize humans outside of planet Earth instead of repairing and rebuilding damages here to save future generations. And on a personal scale, I don’t find myself scared much; I wish good health and happiness to my loved ones. 


Do you like seeing pictures of yourself? 

 Haha, it depends on how the picture turns out.


Any summer readings?

 The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer 


What’s next for you?

 Only good things…Amen! And to quit smoking. I’ve also recently wrapped a new movie, “Slingshot,” a sci-fi thriller along with Casey Affleck and Laurence Fishburne, directed by Mikael Håfström, which was super cool. And I have some great projects I’m currently developing with talented dudes who will hopefully get to see the light soon.


What does the first day at work with Laurence Fishburne look like? 

 Very sweaty. Haha, no. I mean, as hard as I tried playing it cool that day, it’s still Mr. Fishburne, you know? The guy is a legend. I had a big scene that day, and I was wired starting the engine in full gear that first day, trying to know everyone and what not. When our scene ended, he approached me, grabbed my shoulder, looked me in the eyes, and said something like: “That was very cool.” He’s an amazing partner, actor, and a real gentleman. One of the nicest, coolest cats I’ve ever met.

shirt LOUIS GABRIEL NOUCHI, trousers A.P.C., sunglasses MOSCOT
shirt LOUIS GABRIEL NOUCHI, trousers A.P.C., sunglasses MOSCOT
tank top CALVIN KLEIN, necklace VEHR 
jacket LOUIS GABRIEL NOUCHI, trousers A.P.C., sunglasses MOSCOT