Dwyane Wade for Versace Eyewear

Versace Eyewear: Getting Personal

In a realm where opulence intertwines with the bold spirit of fashion, Versace redefines the essence of luxury through its latest eyewear collection.  Their latest eyewear campaign features former NBA star Dwyane Wade as its muse, modeling the newest men’s sunglasses and glasses that capture the brand’s bold and unmistakable attitude. Yet, beyond the allure of eyewear, there lies a deeper narrative—a glimpse into the soul of Dwyane Wade himself. Introducing Versace Profiles, a visionary project that delves into the hearts of those who grace the brand’s campaigns, revealing the rich tapestries of stories behind the faces of Versace.

image courtesy of Versace

Exploring Versace Eyewear

This latest men’s eyewear campaign exudes true Versace style—dramatic shapes, unique colors and patterns, and elegant maximalism. The collection features two Versace sunglasses, the VE4464 and VE4465, and the VE3354 glasses model. The VE4464 shades flaunt a flat-top rectangular shape with a solid double-layer construction and feature the iconic brand signature Medusa Head logo. The black colorway gives off classic sophistication, but the Havana patterns add a touch of bold fun and glam. The VE4465 sunglasses take a color-blocked approach, captivating with the stark contrast of black and white. The narrower frames offer a sleek vibe. The VE3354 glasses boast a squared frame with clean precision. The use of recycled acetate also speaks to the fashion house’s commitment to innovation and care for the environment. 

images courtesy of Dwyane Wade

A Glimpse into Dywane Wade

With the debut of Versace Profiles, the fashion house asked Dwyane Wade to bring a couple of personal items to the Versace campaign shoot. He chose a camera, his first NBA championship ring, and a photo of his younger daughter, Kaavia. It’s an intriguing look into what the basketball icon holds near and dear to his heart and how these things inform his everyday life and style. The NBA ring harks back to his athletic roots and where his style first took shape with the implementation of the NBA dress code. Players had to get creative with more sophisticated and elegant looks, and Dwyane Wade kept those style sensibilities to the present day after retirement. In an interview with W Magazine, he also discussed how his whole family loves to play with style. His daughter Kaavia loves to play dress up and events like red carpets and fashion shows become family affairs where everyone can have fun with fashion. 

image courtesy of Versace