Westberlin Coffeebar & Mediashop / berlin / the interview

Westberlin Coffeebar & Mediashop
Proprietor: Kai Broeer
Reader and News Addict


CF How would you describe your space?

KB Very open. A light and welcoming place with a well designed fresh look. It’s very important: good music and nice and relaxed staff

CF What do you want customers to remember most their experiance there?

KB The relaxed atmosphere, the good coffee and the great magazines

CF What specific memories do you have of your favorite cafe / shop from the past?

KB Old memories from the 90s: ‘News Bar’ in Manhatten: bagels, coffee, mags and CNN……… loved the concept and the pace of the city around
Newer memories before I opened my shop: ‘Lost Weekend’ in the Lower East Side . Its a small coffee bar with simple selection of good espresso and cookies. It also sells surf clothing and books…. and it does work!! This reinforced me to go ahead with my ideas about westberlin

CF What is your favorite sound and smell in Westberlin?

KB Definitely the sound of the s-bahn and the birds. When it finally  becomes spring, and the smell of the remaining coal-burning stoves from winter.

CF Name your top 5 books or things to read

KB Ha! Since I opened my shop I hardly have time to read, although everything is just in front of me.
I am a news addict, so still a good mix of a local, a national and an international newspaper – that is three already.
Then some good mags for design, art and fashion plus something on the nightstand like Einsamkeit from Ulf Poschardt. It explains why it is great to be single… ,-)